Local Tulips vs. Imported Roses for a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, choose a path of conscious celebration with Southside Blooms’ locally grown indoor tulips—a choice that not only adds vibrancy to your special day but also aligns with a powerful mission. From enchanting double reds to deep plum tulips, frilly whites, and captivating bicolor white and pink options, your choices are as diverse as love itself.

In the spirit of empowerment, Southside Blooms, nestled within the heart of the Englewood nonprofit Chicago Eco House, cultivates over 20,000 tulips indoors. This initiative extends beyond the blossoming beauty of tulips; it offers invaluable opportunities for Southside youth, providing meaningful employment and transforming 

Sustainable Growth: Nurturing Tulips with a Purpose

Traditionally, tulips grace the landscape in spring, but Southside Blooms introduces a distinctive approach. The team cultivates tulip varieties in batches at the Eco House, creating avenues for local youth to sell them through Southside Blooms.

A Blooming Difference: Tulips vs. Roses in Sustainability

While roses often hail from large-scale flower farms with environmental concerns, Southside Blooms prioritizes sustainability. Many flowers, including roses, are grown in vast greenhouses, leading to challenges related to water consumption and chemical runoff. In contrast, Southside Blooms’ tulips thrive with a reduced environmental footprint, aligning with a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Cultivating Change: Empowering Workers and Communities

The impact of the cut flower industry extends beyond the environment, affecting workers, especially in countries like Ecuador and Colombia. Southside Blooms challenges this norm, offering a unique approach to tulip cultivation that fosters sustainable practices and supports local communities. Workers, predominantly women, benefit from improved labor conditions, avoiding prolonged exposure to toxins and gaining vital support for maternity leave and childcare.

Choose Blooms with Impact: Southside Blooms’ Tulip Collection

This Valentine’s Day, Southside Blooms presents a captivating array of locally grown tulips, including double reds, deep plum tulips, frilly whites, purples, and bicolor white and pinks. Each choice comes with distinct benefits:

  • Grown Using Solar Power: Southside Blooms integrates solar power for tulip cultivation, contributing to a more sustainable energy source.
  • Pesticide-Free Blooms: Unlike roses subjected to pesticide treatments, Southside Blooms’ tulips are grown without harmful chemicals, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly choice.
  • Local Consumption: By choosing locally grown tulips, you actively reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, supporting the local economy.
  • Inner-City Industry: Your choice of locally grown tulips contributes to the development of industry in the inner city, fostering positive change and empowerment within the community.

Make an Impact this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, choose from our specially crafted “Eco-Love” gift packages that go beyond the ordinary. Each bundle is designed to bring joy, sustainability, and a touch of local charm to your celebration.

Valentine’s Green Love Affair: Winter Tulips, Chocolates & Recycled Heart Seed Card Gift Bundle:

  • 20 Assorted Double Red, White, Pink, and Purple Tulips 
  • 12 Brown Sugar Bakery Handcrafted Chocolate Turtle Assortment 
  • Recycled Heart Wildflower Seed Card 

Sustainable Valentine Love Trio: Winter Tulips, Gourmet Local Cupcakes & Pink Beeswax Candle Gift Bundle:

  • 20 Assorted Double Red, White, Pink, and Purple Tulips 
  • 4 Brown Sugar Bakery Gourmet Cupcakes 
  • 1 Pink Beeswax Honey Candle 

Make a conscious choice with these thoughtfully curated bundles that not only bring beauty to your space but also support local businesses, embrace sustainability, and spread the joy of empowerment. 

Elevate your Valentine’s Day experience with Southside Blooms—a choice that goes beyond flowers, creating a lasting memory of love, sweetness, and positive impact.

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