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Southside Blooms in the Press

Peace Corps Alum Turns At-Risk Kids Into Profitable Flower Growers

Southside Blooms founder, Quilen Blackwell, is interviewed discussing the impact of our work in Chicago.

South Side Flower Shop Offers Jobs, Training for At-Risk Youth

Southside Blooms opens up first commercial flower shop to expand capacity to hire at-risk young people.

Where To Find Exceptional Flowers in Six Different Cities

Hint: Southside Blooms is home to world class floral designing.

Flower Power: Farm-to-Vase Movement Takes Root on Chicago’s South and West Sides.

The big picture: Southside Blooms seeks to redirect billions of dollars in the floral industry to America’s inner city while taking a big bite out of climate change.

Chicago At-Risk Youth Get Hands Dirty, Grow Flowers, And Change Lives

Faith that moves mountains: The faith of founder Quilen Blackwell drives Southside Blooms to preserve human life in some of the toughest places in our country

He Moved to Englewood Because He Wanted to. Now Quilen Blackwell is Turning Vacant Lots into

Flower Farms. A solution to stem gun violence: Southside Blooms provides a viable alternative for young people in the streets.

This Chicago Couple Turns Vacant Lots into Flower Farms, Employs Local Youth as Florists: 'There's Hope'

People Magazine highlights the individual impact of our work on Armani Hopkins.

Chicago's Southside Blooms offers eco-friendly, homegrown tulips for Valentine's Day

ABC 7 Chicago covers our advanced environmental sustainability efforts with the successful launch of our winter grown tulips.

Southside Blooms is giving adolescents and young adults opportunities to learn how to grow flowers and sell them too.

Quilen Blackwell discusses in a live radio interview the unique solution that Southside Blooms is for black young people in Chicago.
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