Rebuilding Lives
Transforming Neighborhoods

Using Sustainability to Alleviate Poverty

The story of Chicago Eco House began in 2014 with Quilen & Hannah Blackwell’s unwavering love for their neighborhood, a love so profound that they took pies in the face to raise funds for their 501(c)3 application.

Quilen Blackwell, driven by a deep sense of purpose and inspired by his faith, embarked on a mission to combat the challenges faced by communities affected by poverty. Joined by his partner, Hannah Bonham Blackwell, he gathered a dedicated team to bring their vision to life.

With determination, they acquired a vacant building in Englewood, pouring their own resources into its renovation. The building became the cherished headquarters of the Chicago Eco House.

Origin Story & Mission

In 2014, driven by their love for the neighborhood and a mission to combat poverty through sustainability, Quilen and Hannah Blackwell founded Chicago Eco House.

Dedication & Renovation

With a dedicated team, they acquired a vacant building in Englewood and poured their own resources into its renovation to create the cherished headquarters of Chicago Eco House.

Off-Grid Flower Farm

In 2017, Chicago Eco House established the first off-grid commercial flower farm on vacant lots, providing employment opportunities and bringing beauty to the community.

Expansion & Impact

The success of the flower farm led to the expansion of their sustainable flower farms to other neighborhoods, and even to Detroit, making a positive impact on multiple communities.

Southside Blooms

Within the Chicago Eco House, Southside Blooms blossomed into a vibrant in-house flower shop, becoming a hub of inspiration for the community.

Resilience & Community

The Chicago Eco House stands as a testament to the power of resilience, community, and a shared vision, transforming lives and uplifting inner-city neighborhoods.


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