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Welcome to Southside Blooms, a non-profit farm-to-vase florist that sprouted from the seeds of compassion and a commitment to community uplifting.

We proudly stand as a project under the wing of the Chicago Eco House, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to leverage sustainability for the alleviation of inner-city poverty.

Southside Blooms was born out of compassion and a deep commitment to community well-being. Recognizing the untapped potential of vacant lots in underserved neighborhoods, we saw an opportunity to not just beautify these spaces but also create employment opportunities for inner-city kids.

Quilen & Hannah Blackwell

Quilen Blackwell
Hannah Blackwell

Impact Beyond Blooms


Alleviating Inner City Poverty

We inspire economic empowerment and uplift communities by creating jobs for youth in underserved neighborhoods through our flower farms.


Creating Safer Cities

By participating in these programs, at-risk youth have a safe alternative to gangs, can heal from the trauma of living with gun violence


Improving Economic Development

Our mission is to transform neglected vacant lots into thriving solar-powered flower farms, igniting both community beauty and economic development.


Developing Sustainable Living

Our flower farms showcase innovative rainwater irrigation systems and solar energy, promoting sustainable living practices with enthusiasm.


Transforming Local Communities

We transform vacant lots into vibrant flower farms, revitalizing the community.


Nurturing Environmental Stewardship

Our regenerative farming practices inspire a healthier and more sustainable future, improving soil health, promoting biodiversity, and leading by example as environmental stewards.

Empower Sustainable Growth

Wedding & Event Flowers

Planning a special event? Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or community celebration, our event flowers are meticulously curated to add a touch of magic to your memorable moments.


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Empowered Blooms Club

Join our Empowering Blooms Club, where every subscription fuels at-risk youth jobs, drives community transformation, and nurtures a greener environment. Choose monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly plans, and cancel anytime to ensure your flowers continue making a lasting impact.

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Flower Bouquets & Eco Friendly Gifts

Make a conscious choice with Southside Blooms. Start shopping now and see the impact of your purchase unfold.

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Empowering Blooms Club Bi-Monthly Flower Bouquet Subscription

Volunteer with Southside Blooms

When you volunteer at Southside Blooms, you become a part of a larger mission that extends beyond just flowers. Your dedication directly contributes to our ongoing efforts to end poverty, violence, and blight in our communities.

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How to grow organic flowers? Organic Flower Gardening

Growing organic flowers is both simple and rewarding. It also benefits wildlife, your health and reduces the impact on your environment.

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How to use Plantable Seed Paper? Complete Guide.

Seed paper is handmade paper with wildflowers and plant seeds inside. Since plant able seed paper is biodegradable, if it is buried in the soil and watered, the paper decomposes into the soil, and the seeds germinate.

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What are Eco-friendly Flowers? Are they sustainable?

Many of the practices and tools used for modern horticultural purposes do not support the environment but rather hinder it. From synthetic fertilizers that pollute natural soil reserves to inefficient water supply systems that require unnecessarily high energy consumption, these actions result in significant carbon dioxide emissions for every household.

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Where to buy Flower Bouquet in Chicago?

It's no secret that flowers are a gift from the heavens that can help us in many ways. Every time we see our loved ones sad, the flowers spread their magic and turn all their black faces into smiles.

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How flowers are important in our life?

    What is the importance of flowers in our life? Flowers not only add color, texture, and biodiversity to gardens and environments, they are also an important structure for plants and an essential food source for many organisms. Flowers are an important means of attracting pollen substances to plants, and plants need to produce …

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What are the easiest flowers to grow?

Find out what the easiest flowers to grow are? Many garden centers cost very little money and don't require a lot of gardening skills or effort. Flowers and plants are essential to me, but I am also budgeted. These affordable options are perfect for you!

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