What are the 5 most common flowers?

Some flowers are more popular than others, but everyone has their favorite. The most popular flowers in the world come in many colors, are fragrant, and look beautiful. So, whether it’s romantic, sympathetic, letting someone know what you’re thinking, or having a great show, there’s a celebrity flower on every occasion.

What do common flowers mean? What’s the first bloom that comes to mind when you close your eyes? No matter what it is, this is likely your favorite flower; it’s the one you prefer above all others. The exciting thing is that you must be aware of that flower- and your surrounding people are also aware of those flowers.

So here are the 5 most common flowers. These five are very common in Chicago. There are things like roses, tulips, Sunflowers, etc., but they are also very common worldwide.

1- Rose

Rose is one of the world’s most common flowers, representing appreciation, love, affection, or enduring friendship. Due to their extraordinary beauty, roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Roses are often part of a wedding bouquet or festive gift.

One of the biggest reasons roses are popular is their connection with love. We spend our holidays giving roses as gifts. Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday for roses. You can give them a rose when you want to say “I love you” to someone.

In addition to over 300 species of roses, there are thousands of cultivars. Some popular rose seeds have a compact head with delicate petals. Other roses have showy flowers with a bushy appearance.

2- Gerbera

Gerberas are another of the most common flowers after roses. These large disc-shaped flowers are members of the Asteraceae family and are associated with daisies and sunflowers. The highlight of the gerbera flower is the large flower head.

Gerbera is also very common for bouquets. They are large, bright flowers with the appearance of multiple petals of daisies. However, it will be larger than a traditional daisy. If you like the look of sunflowers and need a few smaller flowers, gerberas are the way to go.

3- Sunflower

You can send sunflowers to grieving friends and family members who need to be revived with their cheerful energy. These flowers brighten the room and make the recipient feel better. But sunflowers have more than they can see.

It’s bright yellow face rises above everything and is a sight that everyone in the garden should see. No wonder kids like to plant. Older children also love sunflowers and are always welcome in any garden.

4- Marigolds

It would be impossible to compile a list of the most popular flowers without including marigolds. Marigolds in stunning gold and orange shades are popular because they symbolize wealth and success. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they look gorgeous when they bloom. The colors they produce are too bright for use in natural textile dyes.

5- Tulips

Tulips are also one of the most common flowers, but they raise the bar even higher. They are arguably one of the most symmetrical flowers, with each flower having three petals and three sepals. Also, since the sepals are almost the same shape and size as the petals, there are six sepals attached to the bulbs.

The symmetrical beauty of tulips wasn’t appreciated because they were one of the most expensive flowers in history.

Demand for tulips may differ, but these versatile flowers are popular for flower arrangements all year round.


Having read our common flowers list, what do you think? Not only did we want to give you the most common flowers, but we also wanted to give you some interesting facts about them. In our opinion, it makes the flowers more meaningful and contributes to their popularity. For amazing floral gifts, visit your local florist, Southsideblooms.

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