What are the easiest flowers to grow?

Find out what the easiest flowers to grow are? Many garden centres cost very little money and don’t require a lot of gardening skills or effort. Flowers and plants are essential to me, but I am also budgeted. These affordable options are perfect for you!

This article lists the easiest flowers to grow that any beginner can grow. Suppose you’ve always wanted to grow flowers but don’t know how to grow fast and which ones are easiest to grow. Southside Blooms will help you and tell you how to grow the easiest flowers for your environment, and your garden will look bright and cheerful with these!`


Need time between 35 and 52 days to grow.

When to grow: March to May

The fast-growing flowers should be planted in the border as a ground cover plant or shed from containers. The seeds of large Nasturtiums can be sown directly into the ground. Please wait until the last frost. Try some edible flowers as a salad or an excellent side dish.


Need time between 2-3 weeks to grow.

When to grow: Early spring

Love in bloom makes a gorgeous addition to flower beds and cottage gardens because of its bright blue flowers. They grow 8 to 20 inches high and 3 to 6 inches wide and prefer full sun or partial shade locations.

These easy-to-grow flowering plants best in well-drained soils and bloom from late spring through fall, providing long-lasting enjoyment.


Need time within 5 months to grow.

When to grow: May

This planter looks great on the patio and is widely used for containers and baskets. Fuchsias come in many varieties, and you can encourage their growth by pinching out the tips of each stem while they are still young.


Need time between 80 and 120 days to grow.

When to grow: Mid-April/May.

It is very easy to grow from sunflower seeds. Find sunny, sheltered places and see them grow! Don’t forget to support if you get a little taller. Sunflower seeds are also very healthy and perfect for salads!

Moss Rose

Need time between 10 to 14 days to grow.

When to grow: late summer/fall.

Rose-like blooms adorn this plant with succulent leaves that you might expect to find on a desert plant. This plant retains water, so it thrives in hot and dry conditions. Generally, the more hot and humid the weather, the better it does, so it flourishes in zones 2 to 11.


Need time between 7-30 days to grow.

When to grow: Spring/Summer.

There are many varieties of poppy, so you can choose your favorite and go to the garden. Poppies are quiet, that’s what makes them so great! They grow in poor quality soils and do not need to be watered. Plant the seeds in the selected area. Then the seeds will come back year after year and will only take care of themselves.


Need time about 8 weeks to grow.

When to grow: Late Spring/Early Summer.

Your garden will have a golden hue when you plant marigolds throughout the summer and fall. They need full sunlight and prefer well-drained soil to thrive. There are tall or short varieties, so they’ll fit anywhere in your garden where you need a splash of color.

They will not only brighten up your garden, but they will also attract wildlife and make it more alive. Ensure your soil is in good shape before you start sewing with Southside Blooms Top Soil products.

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