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In a world where flowers often just look pretty, Southside Blooms, thanks to Chicago Eco House, is changing the game. We’re not just handing you flowers; we’re inviting you to be part of a movement for positive change. Let’s dive into the world of monthly flower subscriptions and see why Southside Blooms is not your average bouquet – it’s a vibrant commitment to making the world a better place.

Sustainability and Impact: Blooms with a Purpose

When you sign up with Southside Blooms, you’re not just getting flowers; you’re supporting a mission. As a non-profit, your choice directly empowers our inner-city kids, turns empty lots into community havens, and champions regenerative farming. It’s like having a little garden of change on your doorstep every month. Our farms, spread across Woodlawn, Englewood, Pilsen, West Garfield Park, Cook County Jail, and Gary, Indiana, aren’t just fields – they’re lively patches of local goodness. No pesticides, just solar-powered freshness painting the town with eco-friendly vibes.

It’s our way of saying, “Hey, Chicago, we’re in this together!”

Youth Power: Growing Future Florists

Beyond petals, Southside Blooms is all about boosting young talent through cool workforce programs. We teach little ones about urban farming, sustainability, and rocking the flower biz. For the older crew, we’re transforming them into flower connoisseurs, making sure they’re all about eco-friendly practices and community vibes.

Southside Blooms isn’t just your typical florist joint; we’re on a green mission. No floral foam or weird wool stuff – we compost, reuse, and wrap things up in compostable packaging. From sustainable flowers to making your wedding Insta-worthy, we’re here to make sure your blooms are as eco-friendly as they come.

Monthly Flower Party: Because You Deserve It

Imagine a monthly delivery of fresh blooms landing at your place – no fuss, just pure joy. With our subscription, say goodbye to the hassle of flower shop runs and hello to a burst of color and freshness that’ll jazz up your space. It’s like a monthly present to yourself, turning an ordinary day into a bloom-filled celebration.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Southside Blooms

Always Fresh Blooms: Get a regular supply of fresh flowers delivered to your door so you never have to worry about wilted blooms.

No Hassle: Skip the trips to the flower shop and have your favorite flowers conveniently delivered on schedule.

Mix it Up: Discover new blooms every month, from seasonal favorites to unique varieties, keeping your arrangements fresh and exciting.

Brighten Your Space: Add a pop of color and freshness to your home or office with regular flower deliveries that instantly elevate your decor.

Feel-Good Vibes: Boost your mood and lift your spirits with the natural beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers around you.

Spread the Joy: Use your subscription to send surprise gifts to friends and family, bringing smiles to their faces with every delivery.

Monthly Treat: Treat yourself to a little monthly indulgence with a delightful floral surprise that brightens up your day.

Eco-Friendly Choices: Support sustainable farming practices by choosing a subscription service that cares about the environment.

Celebrate the Seasons: Embrace the changing seasons with flower arrangements that reflect the beauty of nature all year round.

Join the Flowers the Empower Revolution

In a world where every petal matters, Southside Blooms is rewriting the rules of floristry. It’s not just about flowers; it’s a monthly journey into sustainability, community, and the joy of making a difference. Embrace the beauty that blooms with purpose – choose Southside Blooms.

Elevate Your Space Monthly or even weekly: Enjoy fresh blooms every month with our bouquet delivery service. We source flowers from wholesale markets and our own sustainable local flower farms, and profits support our year-round farm expansion. Enjoy FREE Chicagoland delivery

Here from some of our Southside Bloomers (Monthly Flower Subscribers):

“A dear friend purchased a monthly subscription for my winter birthday. It was so lovely and uplifting to have beautiful floral arrangements delivered and in the house for a good while. Made winter happy and cheerful. Thank you so much for your artistry and sharing your pleasure in flowers.”

“I love to get a bouquet that supports youth employment and uses vacant land on the South Side. I look forward to the weather improving and getting back to local flowers!”

“I love getting my monthly flowers. I was traveling for a month, and the communication back to me about how to manage the subscription was very good. I love the free delivery and looking forward to the flowers. Keep up the excellent work!”

“My bouquet improves my mood each month when it arrives, I love this program so much!”

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