Greening Corporate Events Sustainable Strategies for Eco-Friendly Gatherings


Hey there,! Ready to make those corporate events bloom with a touch of green? We get it – the planet’s health is on everyone’s mind, and it’s way past time to ditch those wasteful, stuffy gatherings.

Southside Blooms is all about creating gorgeous, sustainable events that do right by Mother Earth. And you know what? Eco-friendly events aren’t just a feel-good thing. They boost your company’s reputation, draw in like-minded people, and (bonus!) can even save you some serious green.

Forget those boring to-do lists – we’re talkin’ real-world ways to green those conferences, retreats, and anything else your company’s got cookin’. We’ll show you how to ditch the waste, celebrate local suppliers, and make choices that make a difference. Because let’s be real, going green doesn’t mean sacrificing style. It means making things better… way better!

Venue Selection: The Heart of Your Green Event



Think of your venue as the roots of a beautiful, eco-friendly event. Here’s how to make sure it’s a solid foundation:

  1. Find that Shiny Green Badge You know those fancy badges buildings sometimes have? Like LEED, or that Green Seal thing? They’re not just for show! They mean that building has to play by stricter rules – saving energy, being smart about waste, all that good stuff. Choosing one gives you a serious head start, and shows your clients you’re legit.

  2. Location is Key (and So Is Getting There!) We all love to keep things local, so pick a venue close by, making it easy for folks to get there without hopping on a plane. Bonus points if it’s close to trains or bus lines. Encourage carpooling, maybe even get a fun party bus going! Less car pollution AND a chance for everyone to chill before the event even starts? Win-win.

  3. Energy Smarts (and Water, Too!) This is where things get real. Keep an eye out for venues that get their energy the good way – solar, wind, anything that’s kind to the planet. Same with water – if they’re saving and reusing it, that’s a flower in their cap. Ask about things like automatic lights that turn themselves off, that’s the kind of detail-oriented stuff that shows you mean business…green business!

That’s how we do it here at Southside Blooms! When planning our own events, or helping clients, finding the perfect eco-friendly venue is always a top priority. We love sharing our local knowledge to help businesses find spaces that support their commitment to the planet.

Sustainable Catering: Delicious Choices, Lighter Footprint



Let’s face it, everyone remembers the food at an event – good or bad! This is your chance to make catering unforgettable in the best possible way. Here’s how to ensure your menu has a positive impact on both your guests and the environment:

1. Think Seasonal, Eat Local

It’s more than just freshness (though that’s great!). Shortening the distance from farm to table saves a ton on transport emissions. A creative caterer can make incredible dishes inspired by your region and what’s in season. Plus, you’re boosting the local economy by showcasing farmers and unique ingredients. Guests will love discovering locally-sourced treats from artisan cheesemakers to that amazing bakery everyone’s buzzing about.

2. Waste Not, Want Not

Planning is key! Coordinate closely with your caterer about expected attendance and dietary needs to minimize overproduction. Then make waste disposal easy for guests to understand. Compost bins, clearly labeled recycling, and even a separate station for clean, untouched leftovers (that can be donated!) make a huge difference. Consider skipping single-use items altogether with a rental company for linens, glassware, and dishes – it adds a classy touch AND cuts down on trash.

3. Plants on the Menu? YES!

More plant-based options mean less environmental strain and happier guests. You don’t have to ditch meat – but even adding a few creative plant-based dishes expands your reach. Flexitarian eaters, those with allergies, and anyone just curious about trying something new will appreciate the choice. It shows you’re considerate, and those stunning veggie dishes make stunning photos for social media, extending the good vibes long after your event ends.

Tip: Find a caterer who shares your sustainability vision. You want a partner, not just someone providing plates. They can brainstorm amazing ways to tie the eco-friendly theme into everything from signature cocktails made with local or foraged ingredients to fun edible garnishes that double as zero-waste decor!

Material and Resource Efficiency: It’s the Little Things That Count


Y’all know here at Southsideblooms, we walk the walk when it comes to lovin’ on our planet. That’s why these earth-friendly details are always top of mind when we’re designing events, and we love getting others on board, too!

Seasonal, Local Goodness

We’re all about those local blooms, so naturally, we want the same freshness and regional pride on your menu! Imagine summery salads featuring the best of the farmers’ market, or a fall dessert table with locally-sourced fruits and honey. It’s a feast for the senses AND a win for sustainability.

Fightin’ Food Waste, One Bite at a Time

We take food waste seriously. That means careful planning with your caterer for the right portions, and having a super clear system for compost, recycling, and even donating untouched leftovers. Renting beautiful tableware? It’s a southsideblooms favorite for cutting down on trash and adding a luxurious touch.

Let’s Get Veggie-licious!

Plant-based dishes are a must, for the planet and to give folks delicious choices. Even devoted meat-eaters will go wild for vibrant, flavorful veggie options that are a work of art! (Just imagine those photo-worthy plates on the ‘Gram!)

Bonus Tip: Your caterer should be just as passionate about sustainability as we are at southsideblooms. They’ll bring the creativity to make your event green and gorgeous, from farm-fresh cocktails to zero-waste garnishes that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Energy and Carbon Footprint: Where Big Impact Happens


Energy use matters, even at the fanciest shindigs. We at southsideblooms believe your event should say somethin’ loud and clear ’bout your values. Here’s how to make a difference:
Flip That Energy Switch!
Forget those old, power-hungry spotlights! LED lights are the way to go – bright, beautiful, and they won’t make your electric bill skyrocket. Plus, who wants extra heat when everyone’s looking their best? Let that sunshine in for a natural glow that’s both eco-friendly AND flattering. Trust me, it’ll look amazing on Instagram.
Go Carbon Neutral, Y’all
This ain’t just a fancy word. You can figure out your event’s footprint with online tools,  then put that money into making a real change. Planting trees, and supporting clean energy – that’s what makes your event more than just a party. It’s a statement.
Wanna kick your event’s eco-game up a notch? southsideblooms is here for ya! We create stunning floral designs, help with responsible catering, and find gorgeous decor that respects the environment. Come by our shop at 6250 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60621, and let’s dream up how to make your event green without sacrificing an ounce of style.

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