How to Frame Flowers?

The majority of people prefer to hold on to items with sentimental value, even flowers. Whether they were a gift from a coworker, friend, Mother’s Day, or your significant other, flowers bring a joy that we want to make last. To preserve your beautiful blooms and those special memories, try flower pressing.

Learn How to Frame Flowers! Create these beautiful works of art and bring spring to your home! Whether you buy flowers from your garden, bouquets for special occasions, or pressed flowers online, you make them for your home. It can be transformed into a beautiful work of art.

What is a flower frame?

Frame flower involves drying the flowers and flattening or pressing the petals and petals. Frame flower will eliminate the light and drain the water, helping to preserve the natural color and beauty of the flower. A pinch is an easy way to turn a bouquet into a souvenir. You can use dried flowers in various craft projects and home decor once they have been pressed.

Step by Step Guide:

1-Take the back and glass off your Picture Frame.

Your picture frame can be any size you want. If possible, use solid wood or metal frame with a glass cover. Purchase some from your local craft store or online.

2- Cut out a picture frame-fitting piece of paper.

Now glue the pressed flowers. With the back of the frame removed, use a ruler to measure the exact size (to make sure the paper fits perfectly into the frame), and once you’ve determined the dimensions, draw on the paper. Use a pencil with a ruler as a guide and cut with scissors.

3- Create your design.

For a paper set, first, consider the design or pattern of the pressed flower to be displayed on the frame. The design is total to your taste; just get creative and ready! Place it on your frame with tweezers for your convenience. Pressed flowers are very delicate and should not be glued yet. Once pasted, the flowers cannot be changed.

4- Apply glue to your design.

Now that the design is already ready, you can start gluing the design onto the paper’s surface. When gluing, pour a small amount of glue into a shallow bowl or plate with a small amount of glue. This eliminates the need to open the bottle from time to time. Then dip one end into the glue with a toothpick and take some out of the bowl. Using tweezers, apply some glue to the underside of the pressed flower so that it adheres to the paper. Add a little more glue and print when gluing them to the paper for fairly thick flowers.

5- Dry your pressed flowers.

After all, the frame-pressed flowers are attached to the design and put in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry. When the work is completely dry, please put it on the frame.

6- Finished!

You now have your Frame Flower work. It can easily be hung or placed on a desk or cabinet. Put it in a cool, dry, and visible place. After all, it’s your job! Surprise your friends every time they visit you with your frame flower art!

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