Flowers in the Bible: Common Poppy

The common poppy is a flower Peter the apostle likely had in mind when he wrote “All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the lord remains forever,” (verses 1:24-25 in the Bible, English Standard Version.) Below, we will explore more about these verses and the poppies’ significance in the Bible.

Papaver rhoeas, also known as the common poppy, is a flower with a warm red shade. It belongs to the family papaveraceae and is a herbaceous species of flowering plants. They are native to most of all of Eurasia and North Africa.

When Peter says this, we can assume that what he is trying to say is that human life is temporary.

Even the most productive and privileged lives come to an end. Peter writes this to remind his readers that through faith in Jesus, there is a secure and abundant future on the other side of this temporary life.

In Christianity, the poppy represents the blood of Jesus and his resurrection and ascent to heaven. So while poppies have been associated with death, they also symbolize regeneration and eternal life

How to care for Common Poppies

Poppies need care like any other flower does. They require very little water, aren’t dainty about their soil conditions, don’t require pruning, and self-seed readily. Basically, poppies are relatively easy to care for. Deadheading them regularly can help extend the bloom but isn’t required.


In general, these flowers represent peace, death, and even sleep. A flower with a peaceful nature, it’s no wonder why they are present in the Bible. With its massive significance in christianity and in general, these flowers can mean much more than what it seems.

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