How to use Plantable Seed Paper? Complete Guide.

Seed paper is handmade paper with wildflowers and plant seeds inside. Since plant able seed paper is biodegradable, if it is buried in the soil and watered, the paper decomposes into the soil, and the seeds germinate. You can turn seed paper into greeting cards, wedding invitations, gift tags, bookmarks and have your friends recycle to Earth.

Seed-paper is used in what ways:

The plantable seed card not only tackles landfill waste but can also be given as a gracious gift or card. Plant able paper can be used to create advertisements, birthday cards, holiday cards, invitations, bookmarks, drink coasters, and business cards. You can help to beautify the environment by reusing and replanting your paper instead of throwing it away, while at the same time giving a gift a friend or family member will certainly appreciate. The plantable paper will be a gift you will keep on giving. Be sure to write a short note on the back explaining the seeds embedded in the paper and instructions on planting.

Plantable seed paper can contribute to reforestation, which improves the soil, wetlands, water quality, and animal habitats. Seed paper also serves as another creative way to beautify the environment, reduce waste, and reuse used products. Together we can change the way we work with waste paper and add a positive attitude to what we can plant in our environment.


Plantable seed paper is eco-friendly in what way?

Seed paper is mostly made from treeless paper. Woodless paper is made from mulberry, cotton rags, linen rags, banana, and corn husks and is very eco-friendly.

This paper is chemical-free, so the seeds will last longer on the paper. The handmade paper also decomposes fast enough in the soil to germinate seeds. Thus, plantable seed paper is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

What is the cost of a plantable seed paper?

Compared to sinful paper, this plantable seed embedded paper might cost you an extra buck, but in every other aspect, it is cheaper.

What is the purpose of seed paper?

Seed paper is literally seed embedded paper. If you put this paper in the soil and water it, it will sprout, and the seedlings will start to sprout. Eventually, the paper crumbles, allowing the seedlings to develop into mature plants.

How effective is seed paper?

Yes, plantable seed paper works well with strong seeds like mustard and basil. Cut the seed paper into small pieces, plant it in the soil, and water it. Seeds should germinate within 7-10 days.

Is it possible to color the seed paper?

Yeah! You colored the seed paper with red food coloring. For coloring, it is recommended to mix the seeds and add 3-4 drops of food coloring at the same time. Use more or less for dark/light colors.

Are our seed papers tree-free?

The seed paper does not necessarily have to be seedless. The normal wood paper contains about 60-80 chemicals, greatly reducing the chance of paper degradation and seed germination. So seed paper should be treeless paper as it helps the seeds grow into plants. But at Bluecatpaper, this seed paper is 100% treeless.

What is the biodegradability of plantable seed paper?

The paper is biodegradable and made from post-consumer material (this paper is harmless to trees!) and has seeds embedded in it. When you plant the seeds in an earthen pot, the seeds will grow and become paper compost. All you get is flowers, herbs, or vegetables, no wastage.

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