What is July Birth Flowers?

Did you know that you have flowers depending on the month you were born? These are the two birth flowers most commonly associated with July.

What is July Birth Flowers?

Larkspurs are a symbol of positivity and commitment. Their size and beautiful purple-blue flowers make a great addition to any garden, but be careful: these plants are poisonous!

While the lotus represents purity and innocence, it supports aquatic ecosystems and inspires one of the world\’s greatest painters.


Water lily

Larkspur is the common name for Delphinium\’s perennial species and Consolida\’s annual species. Delphinium comes from the Latin word dolphin and refers to the nectarine shape of the flower, which is the nectar-filled spur. And larkspur? This is because it resembles the bird\’s long hind paw.

Larkspur is a classic cottage garden plant best found behind a mixed border. It does well in England\’s relatively cool summers and can struggle in the heat. It is a member of the buttercup family – if you look closely at the leaves, you will see the resemblance. This seems unlikely, but these long, graceful spikes of blue, purple, pink, or white flowers are poisonous.

No wallflower, this. The larkspur is the good-looking, showily dressed party guest who stands in the middle of the room and hogs the limelight.

Given as the birth flower for July, larkspur signifies love and joy.

The lotus family Nymphaeaceae is native to tropical and temperate regions, including the United Kingdom. British natives like Nymphaea alba look exotic but are surprisingly hardy, blooming six months a year and covering up to nine square feet of water.

There are also small species with teacup-sized flowers that will grow in a small bowl and make a great tabletop or balcony water feature.

At the other end of the scale is the extraordinary giant Victoria amazonica, the world\’s largest water lily. This native of the Amazon region has tea-tray-like flowers up to three meters in diameter and caused a stir when it debuted in Britain. Gardener, architect, and MP Joseph Paxton was the first to bring it into flower, later using its ribbed leaves as inspiration for the Crystal Palace.

One of the two birth flowers of July, the lotus, is full of symbolic meanings in many cultures. It is particularly associated with rebirth and enlightenment.

What Larkspurs Say About July Babies?

Larkspurs give people born in July a wonderful sense of humor, cuteness, and delicacy. These people care deeply about their friends and family and display warmth and pleasantness.

What Do Lotuses Say About July Babies?

Water lilies symbolize how July babies can stay calm even in the toughest conditions. This meaning is because these flowers float gently on the surface of the water. People born in July also have deep roots with lotuses and care deeply about their friends and family.

Buying Flowers for a July Birthday:

Using the symbolism and meaning of flowers to create a special bouquet is the kind of gift a lucky recipient will soon forget. Since water lilies are not available for this type of purchase, though, we will focus on larkspur with all its different colors!

For Your Mom Or Dad

Blue, larkspur carries a message of appreciation, support, and trust, so it\’s a great choice if you\’re looking for a gift for your parents. A bouquet of these will tell your mom and dad that you\’re grateful for everything they\’ve done for you, thank them for their continued support, and let them know that you fully trust them.

For Your Partner

Delicate, pink larkspur symbolizes romance and sensuality, and what better message would you like to send to your lover? The fragility of flowers can represent the special care that relationships need, and their carefree color can remind you to have some fun!

For A Friend Or Colleague

White larkspurs speak to happiness, innocence, joy, and purity, so choose these when a friend or coworker has something special to celebrate, especially when a new baby arrives.

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