What are the birth flowers and their purpose?

What are the birth flowers and their purpose?

The use of flowers as a communication method existed centuries before email, text, and instant messaging. Fluorography, the language of flowers, was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although there are more ways to communicate, flowers are just as meaningful today as hundreds of years ago. Flowers representing each month of the year have a different meaning, and the flower recipient feels special. This is why people choose to send birthday flowers online to recipients to add definition to gifts and birthday celebrations.

Birth flowers are symbolic of the month we were born, and each one has its significance.

Let’s examine the birth flowers of each month, along with what each one represents.

January Birth Flowers- Carnation & Snowdrop

The birth flowers in January are carnations and snowdrops. This is not surprising given that it is one of the few flowers bloom in winter.

Carnation is one of the rare flowers that bloom in winter. There are many types of cloves. They come in red, pink, purple, and yellow colors. Carnations are often preferred for bouquets and flower arrangements because they are so colorful.

Snowdrops are flowers that grow only in the cold. They don’t like hot climates, so they don’t see them growing in Southern California or Florida parks. Snowdrops are white flowers that look like bulbs. As it is pure white, it has good contrast with the vivid Carnation.

Symbol Associated with January Born Flowers: It is believed that the first carnation emerged from Mary’s tears when she shouted for Jesus. The meaning of carnation depends on the color, but it generally symbolizes dedication, dedication, and love.

February Birth Flowers– Violet & Primrose

The birth flowers in February are violet and primrose. February is always associated with Valentine’s Day, so people are always surprised when they find out that roses aren’t the official birth flowers of the month.

Violets bloom in various colors. There are also blue violets, cream violets, and even yellow violets. Some people may not think that violets are suitable for the moon of love, but violets are flowers with heart-shaped petals.

Primrose is a plant that grows naturally in Western and Southern Europe, Southwest Asia, and Northwest Africa. Like violets, primroses have different colors. Primroses in Western and Southern Europe are yellow. By the way, pink, red, and purple primroses grow in Southwest Asia. White primroses can also be found in parts of Spain.

Symbol Associated with February Born Flowers: Today, violets symbolize loyalty, humility, and spiritual wisdom. And primroses symbolize young love. She is also a symbol of femininity.

March Birth Flowers– Daffodil & Jonquil

People born in March are cheerful, optimistic, and happy because of their characteristics that symbolize rebirth, luck, show, and prosperity.

Daffodil is bright and yellow. However, it also grows in different colors, orange, and white. Another name for daffodils is Narcissus. When grown from bulbs, daffodils can reach up to 16 inches.

Jonquils are often associated with Greek mythological daffodils. The scientific name for jonquil is Narcissus jonquilla. Narcissus is a first-year flower in the United Kingdom.

Symbol Associated with March Born Flowers: Daffodil (Narcissus) symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and optimism. Narcissus can symbolize forgiveness or returning someone’s affection.

April Birth Flowers– Daisy & Sweet Pea

 Birth flowers in April are daisies and peas. Whether it’s more common in fields or vases, bright and simple gerberas bring a big smile to someone’s face when giving a gift.

Daisy usually comes in white. However, they also bloom in many other colors. Some examples are yellow and pink daisies. The name “daisy” comes from the expression “today’s eye,” which the ancient English people called this flower.

Sweet pea flowers were born in England and Southern Italy. And now, after entering mainstream cultivation in the 17th century, they are in bloom worldwide.

Symbol Associated with April Born Flowers: Daisies represent innocence, loyalty, and transformation. Therefore, April babies must be the sweet, kind, and loyal people you need in your life. And sweet pea symbolize can express goodbye, happy joy, and gratitude.

May Birth Flowers– Lily Of The Valley & Hawthorn

May is the last month of spring before summer comes. Lily of the valley is the birth flower in May and hawthorn is the second flower of the month. The weather was sunny and warm, so they finally bloomed this month.

Lily of the valley is a bell-shaped white flower. People also call this flower the “May Bell .”They are scarce and exclusive as they only bloom in the short seasons.

Hawthorn is a small pale pink or white flower. This flower is a Missouri flower. Hawthorne is also seen as a symbol of fertility because of its more-like fruit.

Symbol Associated with May Born Flowers: The lily of the valley is a symbol of humility, sweetness, happiness, and a return to motherhood, and the hawthorn flower is a symbol of protection and love for everything around you.

June Birth Flowers– Rose & Honeysuckle

People born in June are endowed with a dynamic personality, a great fashion sense, a heart full of ideas and thoughts, and emotions and tenderness.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers. This flower has thorny stems and fragrant buds. Roses come in different colors, and each rose color symbolizes different kinds of love.

Honeysuckle is a beautiful flower. They bloom from shrubs or vines and are native to North America and Eurasia. Honeysuckle blooms in various colors, including white, orange, and yellow.

Symbol Associated with June Born Flowers: The rose symbolizes love, and its meaning can vary depending on its color. For example, a red rose symbolizes romantic love and a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. And Honeysuckle symbolizes pure happiness, affection, and sweetness.

July Birth Flowers- Larkspur & Water Lilies

Larkspur may not be as popular as Lotus, but it is the flower of the official birth month of July. The secondary flower is a water lily.

Larkspur is one of the birth flowers in July, and the meaning of Larkspur flowers depends on the color.

Water lilies grow in water. They overgrow, which often causes drainage problems. Many people still like to have water lilies in their garden ponds despite the maintenance. This is because water lilies are giant, brightly colored flowers. There are white, blue, and pink water lilies.

Symbols Associated with July Born Flowers: Larkspur flowers are associated with aristocrats and positivity, and water lily flowers are open-minded and symbolize health. Together, they can send a message of gratitude to their friends for their innocence and openness.

August Birth Flowers- Gladiolus & Poppy

The official birth flower for August is the gladiolus. Few people may know this flower, but secondary flowers should be familiar. Poppy flowers are secondary flowers in August.

Gladiolus was born in South Africa and is named after the Latin word “Gladius,” which means sword, after its unique pointed shape. Popular at the end of summer, it blooms in various colors. The name of the flower roughly means “sword lily.”

Poppy has many meanings around the world. Poppies are bright flowers that bloom in a variety of colors. There are yellow, red, and purple poppies. The only poppy that produces opium is Papaver somniferum, a species of the poppy family.

Symbols Associated with August Born Flowers: Gladiolus flowers symbolise power, moral integrity, and generosity. However, because the Belgians use poppies to commemorate the soldiers who died in World War I, poppies can also mean peace and comfort. These flowers can also symbolise imagination and dreams.

September Birth Flowers – Aster & Morning Glory

 These birth bear flowers mean so many different things, but giving them to someone is still a sign of love. Sending aster and morning glory flowers to someone will send you a message of appreciation for their wisdom, trust, and love.

Aster is a star-shaped flower that blooms in autumn. They are members of the daisy family and bloom in different colours. These colours range from lilac to red and white. Due to their shape, asters are considered the show’s ” stars. ” Pink, white, red, or lilac asters are usually beautiful and delicate flowers.

Morning glory is a flowering plant that loves the sun. As the name implies, these flowers bloom early in the morning when fully exposed to the sun. This birth flower comes in a variety of colours. Blue, pink, white, and purple morning glory flowers bloom.

Symbols Associated with September Born Flowers: Aster is well known for symbolising love, wisdom, innocence, and faith. The Morning Glory is associated with unrequited love, just as Asters are. It is also a symbol of strength and resilience.

October Birth Flowers- Marigold & Cosmos

October is the height of autumn. At this time, the heat of summer decreases, the trees begin to turn yellow, and the leaves are shed. But it continues to bloom abundantly. This includes the official birth flowers of October, marigolds, and cosmos.

Marigold is one of the most potent flowers. It also symbolises warmth and creativity due to its bright and colourful nature. Marigolds are perfect for October birthdays and are popular with gardeners for their beautiful colours and spicy scents.

Cosmos flowers are daisy-like and have long, thin stems. There are orange, purple, and pink cosmos. Bright cosmos flowers, another fragrant flower, are symbols of peacefulness and tranquillity.

Symbols Associated with October Born Flowers: Marigold, one of the most potent flowers in autumn, represents stubbornness and determination. However, due to its bright and colourful nature, it also symbolises warmth and creativity. However, the cosmos symbolise harmony and balance. They can also refer to tranquillity, innocence, and beauty.

November Birth Flowers – Chrysanthemum & Peony

November is the month when chrysanthemums are born. These flowers are used in various arrangements around the world. These flowers are believed to bring good luck and joy to the home.

Chrysanthemum name is derived from the Greek word and is a combination of chrysanthemum and national anthem, corresponding to the golden flower, the oldest type of chrysanthemum. There is also an ancient legend about a folk town that has lived for 100 years and had a long life in a mountain fountain surrounded by chrysanthemums.

Peony comes in many shapes. You can get them as trees, herbaceous perennials, or intersecting plants that are a mixture of the two. Peony was bred for medicinal purposes rather than for appearance. Originally used as a tea for women who have just given birth.

Symbols Associated with November Born Flowers: Many chrysanthemum colours give them many symbolic meanings. They symbolise friendship, honesty, happiness, and beauty, whereas Peony symbolises the moon. The moon looks just as bright with flowers during dark hours. These flowers are thought to drive away evil and drive away from growing soil.

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December Birth Flowers- Holly & Narcissus

Birth flowers in December are holly and daffodils. It’s not surprising that the December birth flower is a fun and festive holly.

Holly flowers bloom on trees, shrubs, or climbers. This plant not only bears fruit but also blooms and bears fruit. There are many types of holly in different colours. But the most common are white and red holly flowers.

Narcissus flowers grow from bulbs and are usually white or yellow. Narcissus and Negroid belong to the Narcissus family. With trumpet-shaped buds and usually six leaves, they are all similar.

Symbols Associated with November Born Flowers: Holly flowers symbolise good wishes, hopes, and wealth. In addition to these, Narcissus also represents defence and protection. Holly flowers represent defence and eternal life. It can also mean fertility and family well-being.

Final Takeaway

Each birth flower has a special meaning and is believed to symbolise the characteristics of the people born that month. These beautiful colours of flowers and their fascinating meanings have long been interrelated and will undoubtedly continue to do the same for the next few years.

Knowing which flowers represent every 12 months, we can choose the flowers for our birthday accordingly. If you want to buy your favourite birthday flower you can visit us here.

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