5 Best Anniversary Flowers

An anniversary is a big deal as it represents reflecting and remembering the day you and your partner got together. Flowers often have roles in celebrating anniversaries and have deeper meanings than you might think. Below is a list of flowers that are perfect for anniversaries and represent love.


1. Carnation (Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus)

The Carnation flower is a herbaceous perennial. These flowers have delicate ruffled edges and a small frame, with its history dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed on earth when Mary wept for Jesus while he carried his cross.

 Carnations in those times were found in shades of pale pink and peach, but now carnations come in a variety of colors.

 The basic carnation flower, being pinkish purple in color, symbolizes fascination, distincion, and love. Carnations are significant in culture because in general, they represent love. These flowers are perfect for anniversary dates and can bring instant happiness, because while they aren’t fancy and are pretty basic, they are long lasting and hold important qualities.

 If you are looking for a traditional flower, carnations are the perfect choice for you and your partner.


2. Sunflower (Scientific name: Helianthus)

This cheerful flower has a large brown seed with bright yellow petals at the brim. The sunflower symbolizes love and adoration and is also known for representing happiness and optimism. The sunflower was also a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North america.

 A flower adored by many people, singer Michael Jackson loved them so much that his wife requested to have them placed at his burial site after his death.

 Many groups associate sunflowers with loyalty, making their significance clear.


3. Daisy (Scientific name: Bellis Perennis)

The daisy symbolizes purity and innocence. There are five types of daisies. The daisy most commonly known has a fuzzy yellow center surrounded by white petals.

 It’s believed that the daisy got its name from the old english phrase “daes eage” or “day’s eye,” because of the way it blossoms at the first sign of dawn. This flower has been around since 2,200 B.C.

Though a common flower, daisies can still bring happiness to many, making them a great choice for an anniversary.


4. Freesia (Scientific name: Freesia)

The Freesia belongs to the family iridaceae and is known for its radiantly sweet scent. Though they have different meanings depending on the color, such as carnations, in general, they symbolize trust, thoughtfulness, friendship, and sweetness.

 The friendship part in the symbolization of this sweet-smelling flower is because of the bromance between the botanist, Ecklon, (who found the flower in 1830) and his friend. Not surprisingly, the freesia was named after the same friend, medical practitioner Friedrich Freese.


5. Red Rose (Scientific name: Rosa)

The rose is a woody perennial belonging to the family rosaceae and is an extremely common flower. It is also the most popular and iconic flower and is a classic known for its beauty. Red roses symbolize romance, beauty, love, and courage. The smell of roses are thought to be relaxing and are categorized as smelling like tea, fruit, myrrh, and musk.

 Roses are also commonly used in movies. A great example of this is the movie “Alice in Wonderland” by Walt Disney Productions, based on the books of Lewis Caroll written in 1865, which featured white roses being painted red on the command of the Queen of Hearts.

 5000 years ago roses were used as confetti, for medicinal purposes, and used as a source for perfume. The rose symbolizes romance like no other flower and is often given to a romantic interest as a gift. Roses are no doubt the most common anniversary gift to be used and can be given on any occasion.



Flowers, whether common or rare, are all unique in their own way! Though not the only anniversary flowers to exist, these five flowers are sure to make someone feel special. Which flower was your favorite?

—Written by Xyvea Blackwell

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