Queen of the Night, a very special Flower.

Night Queen of Flowers

Plants such a night queen flowers is amazing that fill your home with a sweet aroma that you will notice right away when you wake up.

Throughout this guide, I will provide you with some tips on how to grow this plant successfully. This flower is not difficult to grow, but need special consideration. Let’s get started!

Definition of Night Queen of Flowers

The Night Queen is a dramatic night-blooming cactus. It blooms once a year, only overnight. This is a very extraordinary performance, as expected from plants that consume all reproductive energy in a short amount of time. The flowers are large and fragrant, shining white like a full moon.

The Queen of the Night is a rare type of flower that blooms only one night a year. The flower queen at night in full bloom is a rare sight as it wilts before dawn.

White flowers have a subtle scent like magnolias and gardenia.

Facts of Night Queen of Flowers

●       According to the USDA, it is hardy in zones 10 to 11.

●       Despite its ability to grow 10 feet tall, this plant is an epiphyte, which means she needs to be close to other plants for support. This means that it grows on different kinds of flowers or plants.

●       The night queen belongs to the Cactaceae family, but its growing requirements are more similar to those of a tropical plant.

How to Grow Night Queen Flower


It is a fast-growing plant in nature. A type of forest cactus found in parts of Mexico, Central America, and South America. It has no leaves; the leaves you see from the plant are modified stems to help store water in a drier condition.

Soil Requirements

Because Epiphyllum oxypetalum is a unique cactus, it even needs moist soil. Most grow in humid climates, so the soil cannot be thoroughly dried, or the plants die. This plant prefers slightly acidic soils.

Light Requirements

This is a plant designed to grow in the shade of the forest. This means that you don’t want to get too much direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the afternoon. They still need some sunlight. Otherwise, the flowers will not bloom properly. If your home has good indirect sunlight, this is a great place to grow it. It works optimally at temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Very low temperatures and ventilated areas where drafts can occur should be avoided.

Water Requirments

This plant needs water to live! Do not allow the soil to dry completely. Otherwise, the roots of the plant will not develop. Also, the flowers should be in well-drained soil. That way, the roots will not rot. Depending on the location, the plant should be watered weekly during the summer, especially if the weather is dry and hot.

It’s best to water every two to three weeks during the winter, but it still depends on the location. Another point to note is that they will need more water if the plants are young. On the contrary, if the plants are mature, they do not need much water.

Long shot

As your Night Queen grows, you will notice many long shoots from the plant. These are long stems designed to cling to nearby trees so that they can grow together in the wild. The stem, or dung, has a small root-like structure that helps the plant hold other plants. This allows plants to move through the canopy in search of better light.

Feed the plants

You can start with this liquid plant-based food from Schultz when fertilizing plants. It does the work you need to do, but I have found that making my fertilizer for this plant will make it bloom. After years of using dried banana peels, plants that had never bloomed suddenly began to bloom the following year exotically. Banana peels do not contain nitrogen, so they go well with other fertilizers. You can use a dryer or bake in a low-temperature oven to make dried banana peels.

Flowers Blooming

At night, owners of the queen of plants rarely see their plants bloom more than once. Some people aren’t lucky and have never seen it! This flower has a lovely scent, giving off a sweet scent that everyone pays attention to.

This white flower looks like a spider. It looks very delicate, making it even more interesting considering that it is a cactus. Flowering occurs during the summer rains, as this plant requires ideal climatic conditions to appear in the outside world fully.

Queen of the Night propagation

Breeding of this plant is very easy. You can start a new plant with the Leaf Clipper. The tip needs to be soaked in rooting hormone to help it take root, and the cut should be about 4 to 6 inches long. Let it dry in a cool, dark place for two weeks, then place the plant on the ground and start growing. Do not water 10 days a week while the plants are in the soil.


This flower tends to have spots on the leaves of the fungus. This tends to occur in the spring when the weather is still cold, and rain is in the immediate vicinity. If there are few spots, try cutting the affected area.

Final words

The Queen of Flowers at Night is famous for its magnificent scent. You can experience this plant in full bloom on the best nights. The long shoots of the plant penetrate quickly, so you should try to get a tight pot to control their growth.

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