The Flower of Life: It’s Meaning and Symbolism

The meaning behind the Flower of Life symbol is that it is believed to represent a cycle of creation. It explains how all life is born from a single source represented by a circle in the middle of the mold.

It is believed that a hidden symbol among the symbols of Flower of Life is said to contain the most basic and sacred patterns of the universe. It is considered a kind of blueprint of life, with basic patterns from atoms to planets.

Flower of life History

The Flower of Life is a fascinating and ancient symbol. The Flower of Life symbol is important in many cultures worldwide as it appears in ancient manuscripts, temples, synagogues, and art. However, in the 1990s, it was called the “Flower of Life.”

The earliest known depictions of the Flower of Life were found in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, dating back at least 6,000 years. Recent studies have concluded that it could not have been created before 535 BC. The depictions of these symbols are attractive because they are not carved into the rock but are burned and painted very accurately using the red ocher color on the granite. Some believe that the symbol may have represented Ra’s eyes.

What is the flower of life?

The Flower of Life symbol is a two-dimensional drawing containing 19 equally overlapping circles. The school of thought, known as sacred geometry, explains the deep meaning implied by this ancient symbol.

Flower of Life is a geometric design in which 19 circles of the same size are connected. The image looks like an evenly proportional set of flowers. The composition is not only beautiful. Our existence has a profound and symbolic meaning for life on Earth and the universe’s formation.

The Flower of Life is made up of simpler shapes and structures. In this design, Vesicapsis is used, a geometric shape of two circles overlapping one another.

Additional circles surround the two spheres.

The Seed of Life is a similar design with seven interconnected circles. Seeds are the origins of flowers, just as the Flower of Life design is built on the Seed of Life symbol.

Flower of Life symbolism

The symbolism of the Flower of Life has become more and more prominent in New Age groups and movements. It has a deep spiritual meaning, from which many people of different religions and cultures draw more concrete beliefs and feelings. The Flower of Life brings enlightenment to those who study symbols and their perfect shapes.

Certain variations of the Flower of Life have different meanings and implications. Seed of Life consists of seven overlapping circles that create a unique floral design. It symbolizes the seven days of God’s creation of life for some.

The Egg of Life also consists of only seven overlapping circles. The shape created is said to resemble the shape of an early multicellular embryo.

The Fruit of Life consists of 13 circles selected from the classic Flower of Life symbols. This shape is said to be the basic design of the universe and holds the geometric basis of the Metatron Cube.

The symbolism of the Flower of Life in Ancient Cultures

In ancient cultures around the world, the Flower of Life appeared beyond da Vinci’s world.

Ancient Rome

Romans also used the Flower of Life design in their artwork, including a mosaic floor found in Pompei.


Lions guard Beijing’s Forbidden City that each has a sphere-shaped Flower of Life under their paws. Additionally, the lotus flower is often associated with the Flower of Life in Buddhism.


The temple of Osirion was discovered in Abydos, Egypt, below yet still linked to the Temple of Seti I. Osirion had enormous pillars made from red granite. Temple construction took place between 1294 and 1279 BC. On the pillars, someone might have used an ochre stain after years later to draw Flower of Life symbols.

The Flower of Life in Modern Times

Flowers of life can be found in jewelry, tattoos, and ornaments. As a symbol used in jewelry and fashion, it reminds us of the world around us and our connections with each other. It is also a beautiful, symmetrical and attractive model that looks stylish with necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

This symbol is also commonly used in meditation tools such as mandalas and items such as yoga mats, clothing, and wall hangings. This symbol appears in many iconic products, including the cover of Coldplay’s album Head Full of Dreams.

The Flower of Life has gained new attention, especially with the New Age movement. The New Age movement has been transformed into love and light through personal transformation. The Flower of Life is being studied, hoping that New Age groups will use it to create new beliefs and practices, such as mediation practices, and find deeper spiritual meaning in life.

Flower of Life Tattoo

Symbolism is an essential aspect of tattoo art, so the Flower of Life symbol can be a beautiful design for tattoos. An elegant yet simple two-dimensional design can convey a profound meaning about our lives and existence. Flower of Life tattoos can lead to fascinating discussions about history, spirituality, and existence, whether alone or layered on another design.


It is believed that the Flower of Life contains truths about the universe, life, and much more. While the Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, it continues to be popular in popular culture, fashion, and spirituality today.

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