The Middlemist’s Red, rarest flower on earth

The Middlemist’s red, scientifically identified as an unspecified camellia, is
known as the rarest flower on earth, with it believed to be only two specimens of this species to exist. Below, you will find out more about this beautiful flower.


The Middlemist’s red belongs to the camellia genus and was imported from China as a luxury item in 1804, but was wiped from its native country. The credit for bringing the flower to Chiswick, West London, goes to a nurseryman from Shepherd’s Bush named John Middlemist, who the flower was named after.

Currently, the flower is found in only two locations: a garden in New Zealand, (Treaty House) and a greenhouse in the UK (Chiswick House & Gardens). It has flowered for more than two centuries.

Health Benefits

The Middlemist’s Red has a long list of health benefits. An important one is that it has antioxidant properties, which can be beneficial to diseases such as various types of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
The flower of this plant is a natural skin moisturizer because of the rich amount of oleic acid it contains, and the collagen boosting properties may have anti aging effects.
The oil can also be beneficial to hair by strengthening hair strands, and it is also believed to have medicinal benefits.


The Middlemist’s Red blooms better in an environment that provides light to partial shade, and they do well under the shade of tall trees. However, it was demised after being transported from China to England even after being in its local habitat, so the only answer that would make sense is that it was over cultivated. That is why it is no longer in the wild and is now being captivated.

Is it possible to grow The Middlemist’s Red?

Yes. These flowers can be successfully grown by taking a cutting (if one was available) and placing it in water. It usually takes 1-2 months for the rooting to
occur. When there’s a substantial root mass, it is to be taken out and placed in the ground, when the outdoor conditions are favorable with no threat of frost.
Though highly unlikely, there is a very small chance that you could have a middlemist’s red growing in your garden, yet not zero, as John Middlemist sold the flower to the general public.


This flower’s beauty is certainly something to adore, but for now, we can only hope that The Middlemist’s Red will repopulate the world. Perhaps the locations the flowers are at will sell cuttings to the public, but we never know. What do you think of this stunning flower?

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